Fast Lane

A thriller by Nikolaj Scherfig ("The Bridge") about youngsters living life in the fast lane.

When the healthy unspoiled guy Jesper one afternoon sees a young girl falling overboard from one of the port’s expensive motorboats, he jumps in to save her. The girl’s name is Line. It is summer in Rungsted. Jesper falls for Line, but Line has a boyfriend, the rich boy Victor. Now Line has to choose between the two boys.



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Morten Køhlert
Michael Obel
Nikolaj Scherfig
Claes Bang, Lars Mikkelsen og Ann-Louise Mathiasen

Release date:
93 min.
Over 11 years

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It is summer in Rungsted. Line has been dating Victor for five years. She has the future ahead of her, but is stuck in her relationship with the paranoid Victor. Victor is from Rungsted. He passes time indulging in limit pushing “games” with his “friends”. The only rule in Victors “games” is that you are not allowed to help one another. Jesper is a wholesome unspoiled guy from Holbæk, who has come to Rungsted to look after a Beach side villa. As he studies to become a marine biologist, he considers it to be a free vacation and a good opportunity to finish his thesis, while he even has ideal surroundings for diving. One afternoon Jesper sees a girl fall overboard from one of the Marinas expensive boats, and he jumps in the water and saves her. The girls name is Line. Jesper is attracted to Line and still unaware of her relationship with Victor. The same evening they end up at a party together. Jesper meets Victor and his small “gang”, Frederik and Christian. Lines friend Louise likes Jesper, but he only sees Line. He succeeds to get her to spend the night with him. The next day he is surprised to find out that Line and Victor are about to get married.


Claes Bang Jesper                                                                 
Lars Mikkelsen Victor
Ann-Louise Mathiasen Line
Laura von Lindholm
Christian Grønvall
Thomas Levin
Anton Faxhøj Arne
Mads Wille
Vibeke Hastrup
Grethe Søndergaard
Uffe Kristensen
Niels-Martin Eriksen
Jørgen Melskens
Charlotte Munksgaard


Morten Køhler Director
Nikolaj Scherfig Screenplay
Michael Obel Producer
Monica Steenberg Production manager
Jesper Boas Smith Co-producer
Tina Winholt Pre- and postproduction manager
Jan Weincke Cinematography
Wadt Thomsen Film editing
Frans Bak Original music
Nino Jacobsen Sound
Jan Rørdam Original music
Otto Stenov Lighting technician
Søren Gam Production design
Lars Høgsted Stills