Time Out

Featuring Hollywood-actors Patricia Arquette and Geoffrey Lewis.

A young Dane travels to USA to look for his vanished father. In New Mexico he meets the daughter of a political-religious fanatic, who runs a survival school. 

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Jon Bang Carlsen
Gunnar Obel and Bo Christensen
Jon Bang Carlsen
Allan Olsen, Patricia Arquette, Geoffrey Lewis, Nina Van Palland and Dan Priest

Release date:
94 min
Over 12 years

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Allan Olsen John                              
Patricia Arquette Lucy
Geoffrey Lewis Steve Smith
Nina van Pallandt Lucy's mother
Dan Priest Mr. Nixon
Vincent Schiavelli The receptionist
Kirsten Olesen John's mother
Richard Bright The sherif
Jack Jozefson The bartender
Mike Gómez The bum
Nonny Sand John's mother as young
Lars Bom Steve Smith as young
Julian Kyhl James John 4 years old
R. Jarrett
Jonas Hoffenbeg
Dan Pattarson
Peter Reichardt


Jon Bang Carlsen Director, screenplay             
Tim Perovich Assistant director
Karen Bentzon Script supervisor
Barbara Remsen Casting
Bo Christensen Executive producer
Gunnar Obel Executive producer
Gerd Roos Production leader
Michael Kitchens Production leader
Jane Graun Prodution assistant
Colin M. Kitchens Assistant producer
Michael Obel Line producer
Alexander Gruszynski Cinematography
Jesper Find First assistant camera
Thomas Kristensen Grip
John Bertram Grip
Jamie Watson Grip
Rolf Konow Stills
Bo Riemer Lighting technician
Benny Nielsen Lighting assistant
Claus Buchardt Lighting assistant
Leo Mendoza Lighting assistant
Shane D. Kelly Gaffer
Tómas Gislason Film editing
Liselotte Havmøller Assistant editor
Jesper W. Nielsen Additional editing
Bruce Cannon Film editing
Henrik Fleischer Film editing
Anne Linnet Original music
Viggo Bentzon Production design
Arvid Berg Props
Riley Morgan Props, special effects
Lars Kiilerich Props assistant
Manon Rasmussen Costume design
Marie Helgeson Costumes assistant
Patti Callicot Costume design
Elisabeth Bukkehave Makeup artist
Henrik Langkilde Sound
Hans Christian Olsen Boom operator
Leif Jensen Sound
Niels Arnt Torp Sound
Douglas Arnold Sound