The Christmas Testimony

After their father’s death, three brothers meet in a cabin to hear his testament.

Three brothers and their wives meet on December 1st in a solitary cottage to hear the Will of their recently deceased father. The Will announces that the fortune will be paid if the six spend the 24 days of the Christmas month together in the cottage. This bizarre wish has to be seen in the light of the brother’s deep aversion toward each other. But motivated by the money they all agree on giving it a try. Now a drama of life and death begins. It is all about keeping peace and staying together at any cost, until Christmas Eve. The framework is clear: A Danish family, that hates one another, is caught in an old Germanic cottage faaaar out in the woods, where they will all have to remember the commandments of Christmas. A modern Danish family drama in 24 episodes in the line of Panduro goes Python goes Disney goes Dennis Potter!

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Nikolaj Cederholm
Michael Obel
Nikolaj Cederholm and Ole Meldgård
Timm Vladimir, Paprika Steen, Lotte Andersen and Sidse Babett Knudsen

Release date:
Christmas tv-series
24 episodes, 20 min each

STILL IMAGES - © Obel Film A/S

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Timm Vladimir Svend                          
Paprika Steen Mie
Lars Brygmann Abrahamsen
Lotte Andersen Sus
Morten Hauch-Fausbøll Hubert
Sidste Babett Knudsen Mercedes
Niels Anders Thorn Martin
Preben Harris Faderen
Pauli Ryberg Jack
Jimmy Jørgensen Abrahamsen


Nikolaj Cederholm Diretor, screenplay
Ole Meldgård Screenplay
Michael Obel Producer
Tina Winholt Production manager
Etta Thompson Production manager
Tina Dalhoff Postproduction manager
Christian E. Christiansen Production assistant
Mikkel Nørgaard Prodution assistant
Mogens Kløvedal Editor, TV 2
Jeppe Jeppesen Cinematography
Jørgen Johanssen Cinematography
Ole Kragh-Jacobsen Stills
Frank Beck Lighting technician
Leif Axel Kjeldsen Film editing
Kåre Bjerkø Music
René Clausen Props master
Sidsel Nielsen Props
Marianne Nilsson Production design
Camilla Bjørnvad Production design
Jane Barlebo Costume design
Ingemette Baun Christensen Makeup artist
Henry J. Michaelsen Sound
Morten Holsted Sound assistant
Morten Constantineanu Bak Grafik