Outside Love

From the director of Safe House: The story about love against all odds starring acclaimed actor David Dencik (“Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy”)

”Outside Love” is a remarkable love story between Shmuli, a Jewish 27-years-old single parent, and the Pakistani Amina, who owns a corner shop. Shmuli is a security guard at a Jewish school in Copenhagen. He is a daydreamer, who tragically lost his young wife and now lives alone with his five-year-old son at his parents place in their small apartment. The school is surrounded by barbed wire, and Shmuli works as a guard in order to save up money for his dream, which is running off to New York with his son. Along with his friend Weinberger, Shmuli is planning the take-off in secret. But suddenly life changes dramatically, when one day love strikes Shmuli in the shape of the beautiful Pakistani girl Amina. On no accounts it is suitable for a Jewish man to have a relationship with a Muslim, as well as a Pakistani girl should not be seen with a Jewish man.

Film awards:

  • Best Actor – Bodil Awards 2008 (Nominated)
  • 3 nominations at the 2008 Robert Festival, including Best Actor.

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Daniel Espinosa
Michael Obel
Daniel Dencik
Daniel Dencik, Louise Hart, Jacob August Ottensten, Nicolas Bro, Karen-Lise Mynster and Dick Kaysø

Release date:
Romantic drama
111 min
Over 11 years

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Outside Love is the rare love story between 27 year old Jewish single dad named Shmuli and the Pakistani convenience store owner Amina. Shmuli (David Dencik) is a guard on the Jewish school in Ryparken, Copenhagen; A daydreamer who has tragically lost his young wife and now lives alone with his 5-year-old son and his parents (Karen Lise Mynster and Dick Kaysø) in Ryparken. The school is surrounded by barbed wire, and Shmuli keeps watch for saving for his dream of running away with his son to New York. He secretly plans his departure with his friend (Nicolas Bro). But life changes dramatically when love one day hits Shmuli in guise of the beautiful Pakistani girl Amina (Louise Hart). It is completely inappropriate for a Jewish man to get into a relationship with a Muslim and just as inappropriate for a Pakistani girl to be seen with a Jewish man. But Shmuli defies his family and soon conflict arises in both families.


David Dencik Shmuli                                       
Louise Hart Amina
Jacob August Ottensten Taylor
Nicolas Bro Friend
Karen-Lise Mynster Mom
Dick Kaysø Dad
Ari Bassan Jonathan
Adam Gilbert Jespersen Krølle
Lukas L. Leszczynski Dad's colleague
Zeev Sevik Perl Nissim
Aske Schjøtt Class mate
Tarek Sidki The elf


Daniel Espinosa Director
Martin Pieter Zandvliet Assistant director
Lisa Aschan Assistant director
Anne-Marie Ubbe Script supervisor
Louise Kjær-Madsen Extras coordinator
Daniel Dencik Screenplay
Michael Obel Producer, executive producer
Barbara Crone Line producer
Hans Bülow Ungfelt Production assistant
Jimmy Leavens Unit production manager
Kenneth Berg Location manager
Tatjana Obel Production coordinator
Karin Jagd Caster
Kristine Graversen Assistant producer
Camilla Hjelm Knudsen Cinematography
Philip Forbes First assistant camera
Anders Thorsby Clapper/loader
Mark Mavrinac Grip
Christian Geisnæs Stills
Thomas Neivelt Gaffer
Torben Borup-Madsen Lighting technician
Theis Schmidt Film editing
Nikolaj Egelund Composer
Jon Ekstrand Composer
Gitte Malling Production design
Ivar Baungaard Props master
Lene Ejlersen Set dresser
Rasmus Koch Props assistant
Mette Meinicke Costume design
Charlotte Hertz Makeup artist
Rasmus Winther Jensen Sound
John Nielsen Boom operator