My Sister’s Kids Home Alone

How badly can it turn out?

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While Mom and Dad are on holiday, the children are left home alone with Uncle Eric. Without either permission or driving licences Jan and Michael accidently crash their dad’s sports car. In order to raise money for repairing the car, before dad gets home, the kids persuade Uncle Eric to turn their home into a hotel.

The hotel receives guests from both Denmark and Japan, and even suspicious “burglar”-types from Eastern Europe decide to check in. My sister’s kids need all their strengths and skills to protect the little hotel and not least the earnings against the sinister Eastern European gang.

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Martin Miehe-Renard
Michael Obel
Michael Obel and Martin Miehe-Renard
Peter Mygind, Mille Dinesen, Louise Mieritz, Brian Lykke, Søren Malling and Ditte Hansen

Release date:
Family comedy
84 min

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Peter Mygind Uncle Erik                                               
Mille Dinesen Mrs. Flinth
Mathilde Høgh Kølben Amalie
Sebastian Kronby Jan
Lasse Guldberg Kamper Michael
Frida Luna Roswall Mattson Pusle
Rumle Risom Blop
Ditte Hansen Mom
Troels Malling Dad
Sally Jagd Miehe-Renard Rikke
Brian Lykke Knud
Louise Mieritz Olga
Helle Dolleris Mrs. Dalsgaard
Asger Reher Mr. Dalsgaard
Julie Ravnhøj Young couple
Malthe Jagd Young couple
Søren Vejby Officer 1
Thue Erslev Phillipson Officer 2
Caspar Phillipson Alarm technician
Clara Obel Sofie
Sumiko Jensen Japanese tourist 1
Kazu Takegawa Japanese tourist 2


Martin Miehe-Renard Director, screenplay
Jimmy Leavens 1. A.D.
Jill Knuttel Script supervisor
Karin Jagd Casting
Anita Juel Lyastbæk Extras coordinator
Michael Obel Producer, screenplay
Ib Kastrup Story
Jørgen Kastrup Story
Lars Kolvig Producer
Sanne Glæsel Line producer
Christian Vangsgaard Production coordinator
Jon Hansen Bager Production assistant
Kenneth Berg Location manager
Jimmy Leavens Recording head
Tue Czajkowski Recording head, 2. unit
Tatjana Obel Postproduction manager
Sandra Emilie Doig Postproduction manager
Sarah Kirkeman Assistant producer
Lars Reinholdt Cinematography
Anders Hansen First assistant camera
Anne Skamris Clapper/loader
Kasper Bylov Clapper/loader
Sille Martens Clapper/loader
Anders Holck Steadicam
Jens Pede Pedersen Grip
Lars "Snitt" Weirsøe Grip
Martin Top Jacobsen First assistant camera
Bo "Bowie" Craner Lowloader
Niklas Johansen Lowloader
Philip Christensen Lowloader
Michael Kort Kristensen Lowloader
Peter Topsøe-Jensen First assistant camera 2. unit
Gitte Bundgaard Behind the movie footage
Henrik Ohsten Stills
Christian Geinæs Stills
Thomas Neivelt Lighting technician
Morten Kastberg Best boy
Kasper Mønster Assistant lighting technician
Mads Køngerskov Gaffer
Kim Bech Assistant lighting technician, 2. unit
Morten Kildeskov Best boy
Jens Luns Larsen Assistant lighting technician
Birger Møller Jensen Film editing
Leif Axel Kjeldsen Assistant editor
Martha Betzer Assistant editor
Søren Skjær Production design
Tine Hieronymus Props master
Arvid Berg Ørnbak Props
Mads Koppel Props
Dennis Bremholm Props assistant
Mikkel Schiller Props, 2. unit
Ole Kofoed Head of costumes
Lone Friis Costume designer
Louise Hauberg Nielsen Makeup artist
Lone Bidstrup Knudsen Makeup artist
Marianna Roa Wassberg Assistant makeup artist
Ayoe Nissen Assistant makeup artist
Martin Saabye Andersen Sound
Lars Lund Sound assistant
Mick Raaschou Sound design
Henrik Gugge Garnov Foley recordist
Claus Lynge Sound (trailer)
John Nielsen Sound assistant, 2. unit
Hummer Højmark Special effects
Mark Hedegaard SFX technician
Ilja Nielsen SFX technician
Rasmus Skjær SFX props master
Carl-Oscar Højmark SFX assistant
Vibeke Witt SFX assistant
Lars Kolding Andersen SFX assistant
Andreas Rostock VFX supervisor
Bjørn Munch Visual effects
Steen Lyders Hansen Visual effects
Mia Freja Øehl Corneliussen Avid assistant
Dennis Albrechtsen Stunt coordinator
Rumle Rosenmeier Stand in