My Sister’s Kids at War

Now we start the search to find Pusle and all of her siblings for the new MY SISTER’S KIDS AT WAR.

Auditions for the new cast will be held at Thura Film, The Danish Film Studio, Blomstervænget 52, 2800 Lyngby between 11 and 16 o’clock.

We are looking for six children in different ages to star in the new feature film. The filming is expected to start in the summer of 2010. We are looking for children to fill the following roles:

  • Blop – boy 2-3 years old
  • Pusle – girl 4-5  years old
  • Jan – boy 7-9  years old
  • Michael – boy 10-12 years old
  • Amalie – girl 13-14 years old
  • Jakob – boy 15-16 years old

“It has been six years since the last My Sister’s Kids movie premiered so I am looking very much forward to starting again”, says producer Michael Obel. He continues:

“It will be exciting to find the new team of actors. It is very joyful and a hell of a lot of fun, to be frank, to ‘play’ with these five kids and their Uncle from scratch. I am a family father my self and know how wonderful, funny and challenging it can be to keep the whole family together. The new My Sister’s Kids movie will be created in the same sweet, funny, pleasant and beloved spirit as the original movies but in a modern setting and with a completely new cast in every role.”

Thura Film expects the movie to be filmed in Northern Jutland and is currently in the process of finding suitable locations.

My Sister’s Kids at War follows the acclaimed professor in children’s psychology, Erik Lund, who really gets an opportunity to test his theories and free child-upbringing and family co-existence. With the help from his sister’s kids, he plans on opening a family teambuilding centre for families in crisis in Northern Jutland. That is not as easy as Uncle Erik and his sister’s kids had hoped for. There turns out be strong forces working against Uncle and his plans to open the centre.

My Sister’s Kids first rise to fame came in the 1960s with Pusle Helmuth in role role as Pusle. In the later years, three new movies have been made – the last two being set in Norway and Egypt, respectively. The movies were seen by more than 1,5 million people in Danish cinemas alone.

Thura Film expects to reveal the new cast in a short while.

My Sister’s Kids will open in Danish cinemas in the christmas of 2010.

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