Just Another Love Story

An artistic masterpiece by Ole Bornedal selected for the 2008 Sundance Film Festival

Just Another Love Story is about Jonas, a likeable but world-weary husband with a wife and two kids who lives in a leafy suburb and whose life takes an unexpected twist when he inadvertently – if at all – causes Julia to crash her car. When Julia comes out of her coma her memory has vanished. In a grotesque mix-up she and her nearest family believe that when Jonas pops into the hospital to see how she is, he is in fact Sebastian, her exotic new boyfriend, whom they had all been expecting to fly in from abroad. 

Jonas pretends to be the man, Sebastian, Julia believes is the love of her life: a brand new identity, a brand new life, and an untrammelled existence full of promise opens up to Jonas. But real life can’t be lived on fantasy and exotic dreams. One day the truth comes knocking at the door.

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Film awards:

  • Best Cinematography and Best Supporting Actress – Bodil Awards 2008 (Winner)
  • Best Cinematography and Best Editor – Robert Festival 2008 Additional eight nominations.
  • Grand Jury Prize – Sundance Film Festival 2008 (Nominated)
  • Best Supporting Actress – Zulu Awards 2008

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Ole Bornedal
Michael Obel
Ole Bornedal
Anders W. Bertelsen, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Rebecka Hemse, Charlotte Fich and Dejan Cukic

Release date:
105 min
Over 15 years

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  • Anders åbner bagagerum, hånd
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  • Nico. And. og Rebk. i bjælkehus
  • Billeder Kærlighed på Film - Henrik Saxgren 016
  • Anders, Charlotte and Fanny



Anders W. Berthelsen Jonas                          
Nikolaj Lie Kaas Sebastian
Rebecka Hemse Julia
Charlotte Fich Mette
Dejan Cukic Frank
Bent Mejding Julia'ss father
Ewa Fröling Julia's mother
Josephine Raahauge Julia's sister
Timm Vladimir Julia's brother
Karsten Jansfort Jonas' co-worker
Flemming Enevold The doctor
Ditte Hansen Kirsten
Fanny Bornedal Clara
Daniel Stampe Frederik
Jannie Faurschou Nurse
Karin Jagd Duty nurse
Niels Anders Thorn Dr. Henriques
Desmond Boateng Receptionist
Rune Klan Mechanic
Kun Wu Dr. Chen Lin
Thomas Chaanhing Asian murderer
Inger Lodberg Inger
Rolf Ramussen Police officer


Ole Bornedal Director, screenplay
Antony Castle 1. A.D.
Anthon Maxus Christophersen 2. A.D.
Anne-Marie Ubbe Script supervisor
Karin Jagd Casting
René Frelle Petersen Extras casting
Anne Magnér Extras coordinator
Michael Obel Producer
Barbara Crone Line producer
Hans Bülow Ungfelt Production coordinator
Rosa Somer-Larsen Production assistant
Henrik Berthelsen Location manager
Tanja Paik Pedersen Location scout
Nanna van Elk Postproduction coordinator
Tina Dradrach Postproduction coordinator
Søren Dyre Production assistant
Christian Martens Production assistant
Marie Peuliche Production assistant
Rosa Somer Production assistant
Magnus Millang Production assistant
Dan Laustsen Cinematography
Peter Topsøe-Jensen First assistant camera
Ole Bornedal Assistant camera, 2. unit
Andreas Krohn Clapper/loader
Silla Herbst Clapper/loader, 2. unit
Henry E. Williams Grip
Bo "Bowie" Craner Grip
Kasper Bylov Clapper/loader, 2. unit
Mikael Kort Kristensen Grip, 2. unit
Karsten Jacobsen Steadicam operator
Knut K. Pedersen Steadicam operator
Henrik Saxgren Stills
Michael Wils Lighting technician
Uffe Hanghøj Electrician
Niels Kjær Olsen Best boy
Anders Villadsen Film editing
Liv Lynge Assistant editor
Joachim Holbek Original music
Anders Engelbrecht Production design
Simone Grau Props master
Jesper Lorents Props
Magnus Kasting Props
Christina Kallan Props (Funen)
Jane Marshall Whittaker Costume design
Ida Wolf Lunddahl Costume assistant
Lone Friis Costume assistant
Camilla Hammershøj Costume assistant
Pernille Korzon Costume assistant
Tina Bonde Sørensen Costume assistant
Elisabeth Bukkehave Makeup artist
Morten Jacobsen Special effectst makeup
Kirsten Zäschke Makeup artist
Thomas Foldberg Special effects makeup
Mai-Britt Hauerholm Makeup artist
Carina Rehmeier Makeup artist
Nino Jacobsen Sound
Martin Saabye Sound assistant
Niels Arild Sound
John Nielsen Boom operator
Kim Dalum Boom operator
Michael Dela Sound mix
Julien Naudin Foley artist
Søren Skov Haraldsted SFX technician
Christian Kitter SFX technician
Jacob Riewe Henriksen SFX assistant
Hummer Højmark SFX coordinator
Peter Diemar Digital colorgrading
Troels Hoe Digital effects
Michael Holm VFX supervisor
Alexander Marthin VFX supervisor
Tim Nærvig Digital effects
Patrick O'Casey Digital compositing
Hummer Højmark Stunt
Juha Pursiainen Stunt driver