MY SISTER’S KIDS HOME ALONE to open in Danish cinemas

Last year My Sister’s Kids went to war in Northern Jutland and this time, they are going to make their own neighborhood unsafe when their parents travel to USA and Uncle Erik gets the responsibility of taking care of the children.

It will be a joyous reunion with Blop, Pusle, Jan, Michael, Amalie and Uncle Erik. Summer vacation is about to start, Mom and Dad are going on their dream holiday to New York and the kids are going to be home alone. Or, rather, Uncle Erik has been trusted with the responsibility of taking care of the children despite their mother’s concern.

This shouldn’t be so difficult and it seems to work out fine, until Jan and Michael choose to take a ride in their Dad’s new and very rare sports car. Eager to impress a couple of local girls, they end up crashing Dad’s car. In order of covering up the accident, they need to find 30.000 kr. so the car can get fixed before Mom and Dad returns home. But it also means that the children will have to agree on lying to their parents.

The kids persuade Uncle into opening a hotel in their own house, thereby earning the money needed for the repair. The hotel quickly becomes a small success with guests from Jutland and Japan, but a couple of suspicious-looking Eastern Europeans moves in too.

It doesn’t get easier when the strict neighbour Mrs. Flinth finds out that something is up. She is in no way pleased with the loud hotel next door and she threatens the kids saying she’ll call the cops and the local homeowner association.

My Sister’s Kids will need both wits and ingenuity to protect their little hotel against the strict Mrs. Flinth and the suspicious Eastern European Olga and her whipped husband Knud. Meanwhile,  the kids have to operate the hotel doing everything it includes – make beds, wellness centre and cooking.

The movie is produced by Obel Film A/S and distributed by All Right Film and SF Film with support from The Danish Film Institute and DR.