About us

Obel Film and  Thura Film
We are a production company in continuous development, with a broad spectre of productions from adult genrefilms over family entertainment to the strong artistic production. In other words, we both can and want it all, and with a strong launch through our many cinema complexes all over the country, we can ensure all types of films the best possible life from idea to reality.
We are strong in development and have through a network of consultants access to all types of sparring partners necessary in the different levels of the film creation process. On these pages we will give you as audience, partner or creative the possibility of getting acquainted with some of our previous productions, let you know about future initiatives and films, as well as we invite you to come forth with your ideas and wishes for what you would like to make for or see in the cinema.
This homepage is an introduction to Thura Film, but, of course, we will be glad to meet with you here on Bengtasvej 19 if you would like to give us a presentation of an idea, or maybe just want to see where we work.
As the homepage has just recently been revised we will appreciate any comments that will increase the userfriendlyness, just as we welcome wishes and ideas for the content of the homepage, so we can get even better.
Thura Film was established by producer Michael Obel 14 years ago and has already produced about 20 feature films and a range og tv-productions and commercial films. Today Thura Film is one of the most successful production companies with both national and international film productions. Some of these popular productions are Nightwatch, Old Men in New Cars, On Our Own and the TV-series Charlot & Charlotte, The Serbian Dane and The Christmas Testamente. In addition Michael Obel has produced A Song For Martin and the series My Sisters Kids for Moonlight Filmproduction. Thura Film has found its very own and unique position in the Danish film landscape and has been a very active participator in setting the agenda for the Danish film industry.
With the awardwinning Nightwatch the psychological thriller became a popular genre in Denmark. Thura Film has offered many talented directors a chance and works with some of the biggets names including Ole Bornedal, Bille August, Anders Thomas Jensen, Tomas Villum Jensen, Nikolaj Cederholm and Martin Strange Hansen.
Today Thura Film has offices in Copenhagen and London. The company continues to develop new projects and maintain its international relations through branches in England, USA and Sweden. This ensures the great potential of creative possibilities and also opens for a broader variation of possibilities of financing the projects.
Through the sister company All Right Film, Thura Film is also represented in the distributional chain, and through another sister company – All Right Cinemas, which owns a Cinema complex in Elsinore and is stockholder in Cinemaxx Denmark, Thura Film is even represented in the landscape of Danish cinemas.

Together with Lars Kolvig, Thura Film owns Moonlight Filmproduction ApS, a Scandinavian filmproduction company that produced Bille August’s success A Song For Martin and My Sisters Kids , a.o. Thura Film is a “software” oriented company that believes in strong universal stories with interesting characters, created by creative filmmakers – and Thura Film aims at producing quality films that adress both national and international audiences.

Movies we like:
1. Monsters Ball
2. The Shawshank Redemption
3. One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest
4. Star Wars
5. The Usual Suspects
6. Memento
7. Apocalypse Now
8. Se7en
9. Once Upon a Time in the West
10. Finding Nemo
11 Fargo
12 Before Sunset
13 Hable con Ella

Obel Film – Board of directors:
Preben Kragelund – President
Flemming Østergaard
Michael Obel – CEO

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