My African Adventure

Uncle Erik and the kids are back!

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My Sister’s Kids win a trip to Africa, but their parents can’t go because they don’t have vacation. As always, Uncle Erik has to step in and he goes to Africa with the kids. In Africa they live next to an animal shelter where they are going to help the animals.

The idyll is quickly shattered, though, when it turns out Mrs. Flinth has also travelled to Africa to get away from her neighbours’ kids. But when she is being kidnapped by two poachers, Uncle and the kids must begin a blazing hunt across the African savannah to save Mrs. Flinth as well as the animals stolen by the poachers.

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Martin Miehe-Renard
Michael Obel
Michael Obel and Martin Miehe-Renard
Peter Mygind, Mille Dinesen, Troels Malling, Ditte Hansen, Robert Hansen and Thomas Levin

Release date:
Family film
80 min.

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”Save the endangered species” is a big theme in My African Adventure. The Berg family wins a journey to Africa. The kids insist on going to Africa and participate in charitable work with endangered animals. Since neither of the parents has the time to go with them, they persuade their uncle Eric to go instead. In Africa they live on a farm that doubles as a veterinarian hospital and a hotel. Uncle Eric and the kids are surprised to find that Mrs Flinth, their harsh neighbour from Denmark, is also staying at the farm, with her young niece Julie. On the farm the kids help the vets take care of leopards, monkeys and elephants in the hope of restoring them into the wild. As a part of the journey the kids leave the farm to go on a tent camp on the wild African savannah. The trip is disrupted when Mrs Flinth gets kidnapped by poachers, who are in the area to steal animals and rhinoceros horns. Uncle Eric and kids go after the poachers in an action packed car chase through the African savannah, to rescue Mrs Flinth and the stolen animals.


Peter Mygind Uncle Erik                                   
Mille Dinesen Mrs. Flinth
Mathilde Høgh Kølben Amalie
Sebastian Kronby Jan
Lasse Guldberg Kamper Michael
Frida Lunda Roswall Mattson Pusle
Rumle Risom Blop
Ditte Hansen Mom
Troels Malling Dad
Thomas Levin John
Robert Hansen Leif
Clara Rugaard-Larsen Julie


Martin Miehe-Renard Director, screenplay
Karin Jagd Caster
Anita Juel Lyastbæk Extras coordinator
Michael Obel Producer, story, screenplay
Ib Kastrup Story
Jørgen Kastrup Story
Lars Mering Story
Anne-Marie Olsen Story
Lars Kolvig Co-producer
Tina Winholt Line producer
Lars Reinholdt Cinematography
Chantel Carter Production design
Jane Marshall Whittaker Costume design
Arthur Koundouris Sound
Martin Saabye Andersen Sound, sound mix
Neill Solomon Original music
Gerd Tjur Film editing
Eigil Jacobsen 1. AD
Simone Jørgensen Production coordinator
Sara Jurs Schmidt Child carer
Mia Bess Poupinel Child carer
Ilze Kitshoff Stills
Brett Le Frere Stills
Tatjana Obel Post production
Dorthe Skriver Vestergaard Assistant producer
Daniel Houlberg Assistant producer
Mikkel Sørensen SFX editor
Lea Korsgaard SFX editor
Hans Christian Arnt Torp Foley editor
Mikkel Sørensen Sound mix
Julien Naudin Foley artist, foley recordist
Andreas Rostock VFX supervisor
Bjørn Munch Visual artist
Mark Balstrup Visual artist
Cameo Film A/S
Ministi Film