The Substitute

Ole Bornedal's successful youth thriller starring a dazzling Paprika Steen!

6th grade has a new substitute teacher. She is very ambitious and wants to train the class to win an international competition for European schoolchildren in Paris. Evidently, this substitute is not, what they are used to – apparently she can read the children’s minds, and when she is alone with the pupils in class, she is malicious. The children make a complaint, but she succeeds in convincing the parents, that she is fantastic – though the class claims that she is an evil “alien” from a strange planet. The substitute uses her irresistible charm, and soon the parents turn their suspicions towards the children – Their exaggerated imagination seems loaded with too much science fiction, sick video games and mad movies…

Film awards:

  • Best Cinematography – Bodil Awards 2008  (Winner)
  • L’Écran Fantastique Award -Fant-Asia Film Festival 2008 (Winner)
  • Best Actress – Zulu Awards 2008 (Winner)
  • 10 nominations at the 2008 Robert Festival, including Best Actress, Best Children/Family Film and Best Cinematography.

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Ole Bornedal
Michael Obel
Ole Bornedal & Henrik Prip
Paprika Steen, Jonas Wandschneider, Ulrich Thomsen, Olivia Stenderup, Emma Juel Justesen, Sonja Richter, Henrik Prip & Ulf Pilgaard

Release date:
Children's horror
93 min
Over 11 years

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Paprika Steen Ulla Harms                                                          
Jonas Wandschneider Carl
Ulrich Thomsen Jesper, Carl's father
Sofie Olivia Stenderup Garre Carl's little sister
Emma Juel Justesen Rikke
Sonja Richter Maria, Rikke's mother
Henrik Prip Claus the psychologist
Ulf Pilgaard Minister of Foreign Affairs
Jakob Fals Nygaard Albert
Mollie Maria Gilmartin Lotte
Nikolaj Falkenberg-Klok Phillip
Josephine Wormslew Gents Camilla
Emma Claudia Søndergaard Laura
Andreas Gram Nielsen Tobias
Peter Kjær Malthe Mathias
Peter Hesse Overgaard Principal Maele
Sofie Gråbøl Carl's mother
Cecilia Zwick Nash Philip's mother
Lars Bom Albert's father
Joy-Marie Frederiksen Lotte's mother
Niels Anders Thorn Philip's father
Vibeke Hastrup Albert's mother
Jørgen Bing Lotte's father
Mette Kolding Camilla's mother
Peter Oliver Hansen Camilla's father
Helle Dolleris Tobias' mother
Peter Aude Tobias' father
Hans Holtegaard Chicken farmer
Signe Kjærgaard Jensen School pupil #1
Gaia Sien Christoffersen School pupil #2
Sarah Charlotte Bjørn School pupil #3
Nikita Beensimon Rossing School pupil #4
Pernille Holt School pupil #5
Andreas Buchtrup Andersen School pupil #6
Oskar Emil Prip School pupil #7
Gustav Meiling Madsen School pupil #8
Thomas Bugge Visholm School pupil #9
Malthe Frøkjær-Rubbås School pupil #10
Benjamin Arnfred Thorup School pupil #11
Michael Lars Signe's father
Dave Mallow School principal
Lars Mogelberg Police officer
Kurt Strand Kurt Strand
Holger Juul Hansen Narrator


Ole Bornedal Director, screenplay                                
Eigil Jacobsen Assistant director
Henrik Bergqvist Extras coordinator
Henrik Prip Screenplay
Tina Dradrach Postproduction coordinator
Liv Lynge Post technical coordinator
Mads Kjær Christoffersen Location scout
Dan Laustsen Cinematography
Christopher Bonnor Clapper/loader
Katrín Björk Sævarsdóttir Clapper/loader
Jesper Find First camera assistant
Ian Hansen Director of Photography, 2. unit
Karsten Jacobsen Steadicam operator
Jimmy Leavens Grip, 2. unit
Erik Aavatsmark Stills
Thomas Krag Film editing
Henrik Bloch-Hansen Assistant editor
Marco Beltrami Composer
Marie í Dali Production design
Thomas Greve Props
Magnus Kasting Set dresser
Nino Jacobsen Supervising sound editor
Roar Skau Olsen Sound recordist
Daniel Silwerfeldt VFX supervisor
Sam Bassett Digital compositing
Lars Brok Digital compositing
Michael Frank Nielsen Color timing
Troels Hoe Digital compositing
Michael Holm Digital compositing
Patrick O'Casey Digital composting
Daniel Thuresson Digital compositing
Kasper Jansen 3D artist
James Hunt Animator
Morten Kjær Jensen Animator